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Wet and Flooded Carpet Restoration Cleaning NZ

Minimise carpet flood water damage. Take action now!

Time is short, and the sooner you make contact, the sooner a carpet cleaning specialist can be on-site, and begin the flooded carpet cleaning and restoration process, thus ensuring the best possible outcome for your carpet.


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As soon as a flood occurs in your home, you understandably want to take every step possible to dry out your home and restore it to pristine condition. Wet carpet that is not dried out quickly can easily cause permanent damage related to water stains, mould growth and other factors. Both the carpeting and the padding underneath the carpeting will need to be dried out and sanitised if you want your home perfectly restored to its former condition. Whether you have experienced a flood due a plumbing leak, a natural flood or another event, Carpet Cleaning Done Right can assist with all of your needs with professional flooded carpet restoration services. You should urgently make contact with us for optimal results

The Importance of Rapidly Drying Out the Wet Carpet

There are two main types of damage associated with flooded and wet carpet, and these relate to water stains and to the possibility that mould growth will develop. At Carpet Cleaning Done Right, we provide fast carpet drying service. We understand that there is a small window of time in which carpet drying must be performed in order to minimise the possibility of mildew growth. Through the professional services of our team of carpet restoration experts, you can enjoy the best results possible. Our agents will work tirelessly to ensure that both the carpet and the padding is dried out as quickly as possible. 

Sanitising Wet and Flooded Carpet

After the carpeting and padding have been dried out, our crew will work to provide you with flooded carpet cleaning service. This step of the process will remove water stains and odours. Whether the water penetrated your carpeting from a broken sewer line, from the outdoors or from another area, it can cause your home to have an unpleasant odour, and the carpeting may be stained. With our wet carpet cleaning service, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to have your carpeting restored to its former condition without delay. After all, it is not enough to simply dry out the carpet. It also must be cleaned and sanitised for the best results. 

Flooded Carpet? When to Call

You should contact Carpet Cleaning Done Right as soon as possible to schedule professional flooded carpet restoration services. We can arrive at your home without delay to begin drying out the carpet. Each flooding issue is unique, and our expert carpet professionals will provide you with customised service to ensure that your home is well cared for. You should be aware that the risk for mould growth increases as time passes. Therefore, in order to prevent growth from developing in your home and causing more significant damage, you should urgently make contact with us as soon as the flood occurs for optimal results. 

We understand how important it is to dry out your carpet and sanitise it after a flood, and our crew will work quickly to provide you with quality results. Call our office today to schedule the service that you need.