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Professional Carpet Cleaning Christchurch

At Carpet Cleaning Done Right, our goal is to help you keep your home looking and smelling clean and fresh. With services available throughout many parts of New Zealand, our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning experts are conveniently located to help you with all of your cleaning needs. We understand that first impressions count, and you want your home clean and fresh when guests arrive. We also understand how important it is to provide your family with a clean living environment. With our wide range of carpet and upholstery services, our agents can provide you with the results that you want to see. 

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have carpeting or upholstery in your home, you need to turn to Carpet Cleaning Done Right for service. We offer both carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning solutions. Both are highly effective carpet cleaning Christchurch services that can help you to improve the look and smell of your home. Carpet steam cleaning injects hot moisture into the carpet to gently loosen dirt and to remove stains. Dry carpet cleaning uses a safe, effective cleaning powder that removes dirt particles so that the carpeting is quickly and thoroughly cleaned. 

Our Flooded Carpet Restoration Services

In addition to providing carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning services in Christchurch, we also provide flooded carpet cleaning restoration services. After a plumbing issue, a natural weather event or another event that results in your carpet becoming saturated, your first task should be to remove the water from the carpeting and padding. Then, you will need to clean and sanitize the floor to prevent mould growth from developing. Our experienced agents can provide you with the fast results you need for wet carpet cleaning and restoration services. To ensure the best results, you should call us immediately after a flood occurs to the carpet in your home. 

Fast Service with Quality Results

Whether you need Christchurch carpet cleaning or flooded carpet cleaning service in your home, you should call Carpet Cleaning Done Right for assistance. With our professional cleaning agents on the job, you will enjoy the fast service that you need without sacrificing quality. Our specialists are thoroughly trained and utilise proven techniques and advanced equipment. We will arrive promptly at the scheduled time for standard service, and we are also available for urgent cleaning needs. 

If you have been looking around your home and have noticed that your carpeting and upholstery is not as clean as it should be, you can call today to schedule the service that you need. We offer service throughout the Christchurch area as well as in other areas of New Zealand. You can kick back and relax while our team does the work for you, and you can enjoy the beautiful results of a home that looks and smells clean and fresh after our service is complete.